Fun Summer Workouts

Fun Summer Workouts
please don’t cringe too hard

Not to be the bearer of bad news (or, bad content?), but this is a post about something you may or may not enjoy. Working out. A couple of days ago it was revealed that Kylie Jenner, who is the owner of a sick bod, hasn’t worked out in two years. Unfortunately we can’t all be Kylie and we work out either because we feel we have to (which you don’t) or because we simply enjoy it! It becomes more difficult though once summer hits and all the routines we have become accustomed to go out the window. It’s important though to keep up with working out or at least being active in the summer months to stay in shape and to stay conditioned. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of work outs that you can do in the summer that allows you to mix up your usual routine while also enjoying the joys of summer:

1. Yoga in Nature
This is one of my favorites for summer. Take a yoga mat outside with you, it can be on any surface from grass to concrete to sand. Set up a nice serene area and do it early in the morning. Yoga in the morning can kick start your day and is a nice way to spice up your typical work out routine. Take advantage of the nice weather and utilize the sounds of nature to center your practice. Find a sequence on YouTube or a podcast to guide you (or if you’re like me and have an entire Vinyasa sequence memorized, do that).

2. Take a Dip 
This seems like an obvious choice but people, including me, don’t utilize it nearly enough. Go for a swim! It doesn’t necessarily have to be at an outdoor pool, but it at least is a fun way to mix up your work outs. Plan to swim laps at a recreational center or gym near you or you can always swim outdoors if you can. Swimming is perfect to throw in between tough work out days because its virtually no impact and it is a great workout without even seeming like it.

3. Make Running Fun 
I know, we don’t all love running, and believe me, my love affair with it is just beginning. However, running is a great workout and extremely rewarding. Take advantage of sunny days or cool evenings by going for a run or jog. Take a friend along with you or possibly your pet. (There are even apps that simulate that you’re being chased by zombies!) Make sure to stay hydrated though and pace yourself!

4. Keep It Casual 
We all have days where we really can’t bring ourselves to go to the gym or to even leave our homes. This is what work out videos are for my friends. Blogilates has to be the ultimate one stop shop for any work out you could possibly imagine! Try mixing a combination of her videos together to create a work out tailored to your needs. If that doesn’t give you your fix, you can find videos like Insanity, P90X, or Jillian Michaels on YouTube for free, they’re just a search away!

I know that keeping up a regimen in the summer is difficult, but believe me, it’s worth it! Not only will you be maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will be having fun and utilizing the summer for all it’s worth!

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What’s your favorite way to stay active in the summer? 

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