A Hot-Weather Clothing Guide

A Hot-Weather Clothing Guide
for those blistering hot days

I don’t know about you, but the worst thing about summer is when it is edging on 95 degrees with 70% humidity and you know you chose the wrong outfit to wear. Piecing together a great outfit while still keeping in mind how sweaty you could possibly be can prove to be extremely difficult. While this list isn’t a set in stone “how to dress for hot weather”, it is simply a list of items and things to keep in mind while dressing for hot weather. Here are my suggestions of ways to look cool while staying cool: 
1. Shift/Shirt Dresses
This is my go-to item whether it is hot or not, but especially if the weather is unbreathable. Shift dresses and shirt dresses are so simple and so easy to style that they are a no brainer. All you have to do is throw one on and you’re good to go! The nice thing about these is that they are relatively loose fitting so they are forgiving and allow your skin to breathe. They also allow for breezes to hit you in all the right places (that wasn’t supposed to be creepy, oops!).

2. Airy Linen/Cotton
If you have to go for separates instead of a dress or romper, go for pieces that are loose fitting and made of a breathable fabric like linen or thinner cotton. Linen is especially nice for hot weather (why do you think grandparents in Florida love it so much)! Linen pieces allow the air to flow through it and also don’t trap heat in which is perfect for those hot and humid days.  

3. Boyfriend Shorts 
There is literally nothing on this earth I hate more than skin-tight high waisted shorts on a hot day. While those shorts have a time and place, I would rather not waste my time chafing or dealing with the ugly reality that is butt sweat. (Sorry). But alas, there is a savior out there called boyfriend shorts! These are the close relative of boyfriend jeans that adopted the same slouchy and carefree style. These are fun and easy to wear while not being stuck to you all day. These give you room to breathe and personally I think they are cooler anyway! 

4. Simple Classics
When in doubt, go for the classics like simple t-shirts or tank tops in white or black. I would say white is your best bet since black can get a bit toasty though. Avoid greys like the plague as well because as I’m sure you are aware, grey shows every little drop of sweat, which you definitely don’t want. Opting for simple classic tees and tanks is nice in hot weather because they are comfortable, low-pressure, and relatively cool (temperature-wise) to wear. 
5. Keep It Minimal
No matter what you decide to wear in hot weather, keep it minimal. Even if you like the way it looks, avoid too many layers or too thick or unbreathable materials. Thicker fabrics or even tighter knit fabrics tend to trap in heat and perspiration which you will hate later on. 
There you have it! Those were my suggestions and guidelines for dressing for hot weather. Stay cool, kids. 
x A 
What is your best advice for dealing with hot weather? 

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