Keeping Goals in the Summer

Keeping Goals in the Summer
tips and tricks to stay motivated in the most relaxed of seasons 

(shout out to By Regina who created this awesome blog plan!)

I know we’ve all experienced a similar phenomenon during the school to summer transition. That phenomenon being, we have huge plans to keep goals and work toward them for summer, but when you actually get to summer, you don’t live up to it. Your Netflix account and bed often present a more convincing case, no matter how adamantly you told yourself “this summer I will actually do that thing!” That’s why I decided to jot down some of the most helpful tips I’ve come across for staying motivated and keeping goals in the summer time. 

1. Write Things Down 
No matter what season it is, I think this is one of the biggest helpers in sticking to my goals. Writing things down whether it is little reminders, things I need to do, or inspirational tid-bits, helps me  organize and keep my goals at the forefront of my mind. In the summer it is extremely easy to forget about whatever goals we might be working on. The hot weather and relaxed vibes are tempting, but your goals are still waiting for you. For me, I have a lot of fitness related and blogging related goals this summer, and writing down what I have to do helps me keep those goals relevant. 
2. Create Visuals 
This is also a huge part of making and keeping goals for me. Having visuals, whether it be Pinterest boards, a physical vision board, or simply keeping photos on my laptop or phone, keeps me motivated. I like to collect photos or other visual things that represent my goals and what is nice about these visuals is that if I’m ever lacking in motivation, I can always go and look at them. Visuals can also help you visually manifest your own goals. 
3. Prioritize 
Prioritizing can be hard, especially in the summer when there are so many other things that can capture your attention. I don’t know how, but sometimes I can get wrangled into watching Ridiculousness on MTV for three hours before I even realize it. Getting things done early or before other activities is so much easier than putting it off. Putting tasks off until “later” (the ambiguous later we all know too well) makes it that much easier to avoid the tasks altogether. Wake up early and work out or finish something you’ve been working on. Getting them out of the way before you get distracted will keep you on track and kickstart your productivity!
4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize 
One thing with goals is that the reward isn’t always immediate, which can be kind of off-putting. However, there is a little way to combat this. Find a way to reward yourself for the small things you accomplish along the way. Sometimes in the thick of it, it doesn’t seem worth it to keep working towards goals, but with smaller rewards here or there, it makes it bearable and more fun. One way you can keep your mind on your ultimate goal or ultimate reward is to add it to your vision boards! 
5. Remember When to Take a Break
Working towards your goals can be exhausting though. Don’t forget to take a break and have fun; it is summer after all. Make sure you are giving yourself ample downtime so you don’t come to hate whatever it is you’re working towards. If you have a fitness related goal, take rest days or switch up your routine with more fun activities. Don’t fret just because you’re feeling mentally and/or physically exhausted, take a break to recuperate and get back in action tomorrow! 
I hope that these tips for staying motivated and keeping goals in the summer helped you and inspired you to keep working toward your goals. While summer is a great and wonderful time to relax, it is also a great time to work toward some of your goals! 
x A 
What goals, big or small, are you working toward currently? 

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