Breezy & Cool Outfits for the Beach or Pool

Breezy & Cool Outfits for the Beach or Pool 
look cute while you lounge 

Dressing for the beach or the pool can sometimes be frustrating. On the one hand you don’t want to wear an abundance of clothing because its hot, you are going to be taking it off and putting it back on, and you want to be comfortable. On the other hand, you want something versatile and cute that makes you stand out. 
I’ve put together three perfect outfits for beach or pool-side lounging. Each of these outfits is comfortable and suitable for hot weather but still fashionable and fun. 
1. Minimal Chic 
I think I would have to say that this is my favorite of the three outfits because it is so perfect. One pieces are super on trend currently and the nice thing about them is that they are perfect outfit builders. Throw on a pair of denim cutoffs and you’re set. I wanted to put together something just as simple but a little more unique. Pair a patterned one piece or other swimsuit with a white t-shirt dress. If the dress is less opaque, you may be able to see the pattern peeking through which can look super cool. White is a good color to for though since it reflects light and will keep you cool. Add simple accessories like these minimalistic black strappy jelly sandals. These are perfect for the beach or pool because even if they get wet, there is nothing to worry about. A tote bag is a beach and pool-side essential so go for one that fits all your necessities but is still versatile and cute like this white laser cut one. If you really want to jazz up your outfit for a pool party or something a little more “formal” than a casual pool hang out, add a simple necklace like this gold lariat necklace and a pair of unique sunnies to top it all off. 

2. New Wave Cool 
This outfit is perfect for those relaxed, hang on the beach or by the pool days. This is the ultimate casual cool outfit and its super simple to put together. To throw over your swimsuit opt for a pair of distressed and looser fitting boyfriend shorts. One of the worst things is trying to put on a pair of tight denim shorts while you’re wet or sweaty. Add a simple white cutoff t-shirt and knot it at the hem to add some more casual flair. For accessories, keep it simple. A plain pair of slip on sandals like these tan ones are perfect because they are easy to wear and go with pretty much anything. If you are having a casual pool or beach day, throw some of your essentials (like sunscreen) into a fun boho bucket bag. I love this one because the fringe adds a nice touch to the popular silhouette. Lastly, finish the look off with a pair of signature sunnies and you’re ready to go! 
3. Funky Fresh Summer
This outfit is the most fun and unique of the three, and probably more suitable for a beach or pool party. However, you can rock this look whenever and however you may choose. If you have a super bright colored swimsuit lying around that never gets much wear, this is how to rock it. Play up the fun colors that you already have working. People sometimes get intimidated by bright colors and try to tone them down with neutrals, but adding to the crazy can yield a cool result as well. Add a simple, sheer tank dress over your swimsuit. Look for less opaque fabric to let your crazy colors shine through. For accessories, look for a bright colored tote bag. I especially love this clear turquoise bag because it is perfect for the pool or beach. It’s water proof and still fashionable and fun. Look for a pair of sunnies like these ones that have colorful reflective lenses. This is a small detail but can add so much to an outfit. To tie the look together a pair of slide sandals or Birkenstocks will easily do the trick. I love these silver metallic ones because the metallic really adds to the overall uniqueness to the look. If you’re feeling extra trendy, you could even add a statement necklace in a bright color as well. 
I hope these looks were able to provide you with some beach/pool inspiration. I know I enjoyed putting them together. Dressing for the beach or pool doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems. There are simple ways to add fun details to your looks like finding fun sunnies or a unique pair of sandals. 
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What look is your favorite?  

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