Sounds of July

Sounds of July 
to cure your mid-summer blues 

I would like to excuse my sporadic presence on here lately. I genuinely don’t know what is up with that other than simply being plagued with the mid-summer blues and then some. I have been lacking in inspiration and motivation a lot recently which is truly unfortunate. However, I did not forget to put together a stellar smooth-going playlist for you to nurse your summer sadness with.

This month I really wanted to focus on putting together a playlist that lulled along with soul soothing sounds. This playlist is perfect for laying on the beach or just going for a silent drive. Don’t talk to anyone when you’re listening to this and let yourself connect with the music. Maybe you can read a book, but that depends on your ability to multitask.

To open it up I went with one of my newest favorites called “Ancient Light” from Allman Brown. Truthfully, I heard this song at the end of an episode of Criminal Minds and it really stuck with me. Following that up, I threw in The Rolling Stones just because I damn well felt like it.

The rest of the playlist is a mix of calm indie pop/rock/folk songs from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Kate Nash, BORNS, and Mumford & Sons to people like Buddy Holly, Elvis, Etta James, and a random appearance from Drake and Rihanna.

There are some random tracks in this mix but I think they all accomplish the same goal. Sit back, relax, and let yourself feel the music.

x A

What are you listening to this month? 

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