Audrey & Christine: A Take on Summer Dresses

Audrey  & Christine: A Take on Summer Dresses
two of the hottest chicks i know flaunting their fashion game 

I must be blessed because I have some of the hottest and most fashionable friends. Audrey and Christine have been two of my good friends for years and while I was shooting them for College Fashionista (look out for their posts in the coming weeks), I decided that I should probably feature them on here too! 
One thing I love about these two is their impeccable taste and their ability to take any piece of clothing and make it their own. Both of these two decided to rock summery dresses, but created completely different looks. 

I hope these two gave you some of your own outfit inspiration, because I know they definitely give me inspo! I had a blast shooting these, cheers to fashionable and fun friends!

x A

How do you style your favorite summer dress? 

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