Look For Less: Miranda Kerr


Why is it that every A-lister looks flawless when they step off of a plane while when I do, I look like I have just gotten hit by a garbage truck? Jetsetting A-listers and their radiant skin and their ability to look perfectly put together after long flights is what makes me believe in conspiracies (*ahem illuminati much?*).

But in all seriousness, Miranda Kerr is just one on the long list of many beautiful hollywood queens who seem to always be stepping up their street style game for the airport. I love this look of her’s because it actually is perfect for flying! Despite the probably impracticality of wearing wedges (unless you’re vacationing in Miami perhaps), the entire look encapsulates everything I look for in a traveling outfit. She’s layering which accommodates for temperature fluctuations, she’s wearing comfortable, breathable fabrics, and she looks cute while she’s at it.

Here’s the full photo of her in all her glory:


Putting together an outfit like this, for travel, or general everyday wear is actually pretty easy. I found most of these look-a-like pieces relatively easily and for pretty affordable prices. I found a dress at Forever 21 for just $25 that actually, is probably cuter than Miranda’s!

cardigan 00134059-01

For the cardigan, I looked for something light but easy to throw on, which I found at Tobi.com for $39 (on sale!). I love this cardigan because it is super casual and wearable, perfect for any occasion.

For accessories, finding a purse that matched that perfect periwinkle was a little difficult, but I found a purse at Topshop that does the trick.  This purse is a bit pricier at $70, but you’re paying for the amazing Topshop quality. Otherwise, other handbag options could be a cross-body or tote in almost any color.


Lastly, shoes. Miranda is wearing a beautiful pair of wedges, and it was actually really tough to find a pair of similar looking ones for an affordable price. I found a pair of Steve Madden nude wedges though, which pretty much accomplish the same thing as Miranda’s. Like the purse, the shoes are a bit on the pricier side running at around $80. Just remember that if you choose to invest, you’re paying for quality! If you want to swap out the wedges for a different shoe, I would suggest a slide sandal or gladiator.

I hope that this look for less gave you a bit of inspiration for you weekend wear or possibly for your next airport look!

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