Accessory of the Moment: Belts


I’ve been noticing recently that one accessory has been wedging its way back into peoples’ wardrobes. That is, the belt. For the past few years, belts were kind of irrelevant accessories that were shoved away and only used for functionality. At one time, belts were used as a prominent part of peoples’ outfits. Skinny belts or wide belts, anything that could make a statement was popular.

Nowadays, as with most trends that are making reappearances, the belt trend is a bit more understated. The trends from the past few decades that are cropping up in our lives today are more refined, polished, and focused. The same can be said about belts.

Personally, I love a good belt. I think that it adds a nice touch to a look that would otherwise be simple or somewhat bland. Plus, not having to pull up my pants every three minutes is a great positive. My favorite styles are ones that have the perfect balance of detail and simplicity.

Here are some of my favorite belts that are rocking the scene right now:

1. The classic 

classicbelt2 classicbelt1

All belts from H&M. 

Any fashionista knows that you can’t go wrong with a classic. Simple leather belts in either black or brown with silver or gold hardware is an instant classic. These are wardrobe staples that are functional and understated but can still take your look the extra mile. Adding a belt to a pair of jeans can make your look less casual and more pulled together. Look for styles that are about an inch to 1.25 inches thick to avoid having too skinny of a belt. These classics should be comfortable and high quality, and there’s no limit to how many you can own.

2. The western

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.48.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.49.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.49.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.49.21 PM

All belts from Forever 21. 

This is a style that is having a major moment right now. Many of today’s models and fashion it-girls have been seen donning western style belts. There are different variations on the western belt but my favorite is when detail is focused on the buckle and end of the belt. Having details there maintain simplicity and versatility while still adding an unexpected flair. I also have become a fan of western belts that have a bit more detailing around the entire length with things like turquoise or other metal detailing. The key to rocking this is looking for belts that aren’t too gaudy or garish. There are a lot of western belts out there that are too much and take your outfit from looking cute to trashy.

3. The patterned 


Belt from Target.

This is another one of those no-fail belt trends. I myself am a sucker for a good animal print belt, specifically leopard. Like with the western belt, the goal is to look for a balance of detail and simplicity. Look for belts that aren’t too thick; I recommend about an inch thick. Also remember to make sure that the pattern is smaller and not overwhelmingly large which can make the belt look odd since it is such a small accessory. Lastly, go for simple hardware since the detail is focused on the pattern. I like to use patterned belts with almost any look since they can be almost like a neutral accessory when done correctly.

4. The skinny


Belt from J.Crew.

Unlike the other belts, this is one that has to be done a bit more carefully. It might not seem like it because skinny belts have been around for a while, but skinny belts should be styled a bit differently. I don’t usually like to use ultra-thin belts for functionality as much as for an accessory. When you’re wearing a skinny belt with any sort of pants, shorts, or jeans, it can be sort of uncomfortable since the belt is so thin. I like using skinny belts to break up my look when I’m wearing a skirt, dress, or even a romper or jumpsuit.

5. The tied/looped

loopbelt1 loopbelt2

All belts from ASOS. 

I’ve been seeing these styles around for a while now and I have yet to personally try it out, but I sort of love them. Again, like the skinny belt, these are probably used mostly as an accessory instead of for functionality. Belts like these are fun because it can transform a boring outfit into something cool and pulled together yet still relaxed.

Even if you don’t consider yourself  a belt person, for the sake of trends you should definitely try adding one to your wardrobe to spice up your outfits. You might surprise yourself at how easily belts can transform your look!

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Which is your favorite style? 

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