How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is beginning to come to an end. This means that the transition period is almost upon us. Transitioning is when the weather begins to change so it isn’t summer anymore but it isn’t quite fall yet. This leaves us wondering what we should wear sometimes. It may be tempting to break into your fall wardrobe, but there are a lot of summer pieces that you can still utilize. Here are some of my tips for using your summer wardrobe to transition into fall.

1. Keep out your minis

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People sometimes assume that when the leaves begin to change, it is time to retire our miniskirts and minidresses, but oh how wrong they are. Not only are some of fall’s biggest trends mini-centric, minis can be super versatile fall pieces. Obviously rocking a mini in the colder months requires a bit more preparation in terms of layers, but they can still be super fashionable – and warm! Use knee or thigh-high socks and tights to keep your legs covered when its a bit chilly outside and go with thicker layers on top. I always like pairing minis with chunky pullovers or cardigans to balance out the look and keeping it looking and feeling weather appropriate.

2. Get creative with layering

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Layering is one of the best parts of fall fashion in my opinion because it can highlight the creativity and uniqueness of each look. However, sometimes it can feel like with layering you keep putting together the same outfits. I love to get creative with it because it maximizes the versatility of some of your more summery pieces and creates some killer looks. Try wearing a t-shirt or shift dress over a pair of skinny jeans or thick leggings. This may sound like something out of your third grade self’s wardrobe, but all the coolest european fashionistas are doing it so we should too.

3. Make friends with socks

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I am a sock enthusiast. I love socks in every length, color, thickness, and pattern. I also am very passionate about wearing a matching pair (I know, thats kind of unheard of) because it makes me feel like I have my shit together. Aside from my personal bias, socks should become your best friend in the colder months. Adding a good pair of knee or thigh-highs can transform a look and make it more weather appropriate.

4. Utilize outerwear

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This is kind of a given, but I think it is kind of looked over sometimes. In the peak of the transition period, when its still warm but a bit chilly, go for good outerwear. Use utility jackets, leather (or faux) jackets, and denim jackets as wardrobe staples. Use them as part of the look that serve a functional purpose. You won’t feel uncomfortable in the weather and you’ll look fashion forward.

5. Explore your existing wardrobe

This tip is kind of along the lines of the creative layering one, but don’t shy away from trying to wear summery pieces during the colder months. Try incorporating one piece at a time with more fall oriented clothes to make your look a bit more seamless.

Transition months can be tough because you just want to wear your thick sweaters but it’s still sixty degrees outside, but transitioning your wardrobe just takes a bit of creativity to look just as fashionable as any other season.

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How do you deal with transition periods? 

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