Why every girl should own a black turtleneck

Why every girl should own a black turtleneck

A few weeks ago I found myself wearing a black, wool turtleneck sweater that I bought at Madewell a year ago. At the time that I purchased it, I just thought it was a cute sweater, and it still is a cute sweater, but it turns out that it is so much more.

Black turtlenecks seem like they’ve been around forever, and Refinery29 even wrote an article on the origination and history of the black turtleneck. But what makes these simple articles of clothing so powerful isn’t the trendiness, it is the sheer fact that black turtlenecks can make you feel your sexiest if you let them.

Find yourself a black turtleneck and be at peace with the way that it shapes to your body, showing off every curve and allowing your flaws to shine through with grace. Allow yourself to shed the worry that your face looks fat or the feeling that it exemplifies your double chin. None of these worries matter anyway.

Marilyn Monroe poses casually at home, 1953.
Marilyn Monroe killin’ the turtleneck game. (See also: me whenever I put on a turtleneck)

The black turtleneck allows you to transcend all your superficial woes about how you look and exude an essence of power and sensuality. They are a second skin that hugs you and caresses you. Black turtlenecks will never betray you.

Now that I’ve ranted about my religious devotion to black turtlenecks, I think you owe it to me to try them out. Steve Jobs did it, and look what he accomplished.

If nothing else, try a black turtleneck because they look cool and can honestly go with anything and your wardrobe is definitely incomplete without one. Here’s a few recommendations:

Get out there and love yourself, join the black turtleneck cult.
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