On My Wishlist: An Outerwear Affair


I don’t know what it is about outerwear lately, but its all I’ve been wanting! Last fall I came to the realization that outerwear can really make or break a look and ever since I’ve been lusting over everything puffy, woolen, and cozy.

I suppose there is such thing as having too many coats but I don’t think I’ll let that stop me. Here’s what’s on my wishlist:

1. Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat

I’ve been lusting over this J.Crew coat in grey for over a year now and I think this might be the season that I have to suck it up and drop major cash on this beauty. This is the perfect coat for fall/winter and it goes with everything. What I love about this piece is the clean lines and minimal detailing. So many coats focus on details like zippers and buttons and seams, but sometimes you just need a clean-cut, easy coat and this totally fits the bill.

2. Bomber Jacket

Alright, I’m gonna be honest here and say that Kylie Jenner really inspires me in this department. Her bomber jacket game is truly on point and I too hope to rise to that level of greatness one day. Bomber jackets are the ultimate casual-cool jacket for any girl. It can take a classic and sharp look to the perfect level of edginess.

3. Faux Fur Anorak

This jacket is the ultimate 3-in-1. The fur vest lining (with a hood!) detaches to make it wearable as a vest, a light jacket, or you can wear it all together as a warm, insulated coat. I think what I love about this coat is the versatility and the casualness of it all. Also, I’m a sucker for fur.

4. Leather Biker Jacket

This is a must and I don’t even know why I’m pretending like I’m going to rant about how great leather jackets are. They’ve been dominating the whole “off-duty model” thing for years now and I don’t think they’re going anywhere. I have yet to find my perfect biker jacket match, but great things come to those who wait.

5. Teddy Texture Coat

I may be pushing it a little close to the fur jacket line, but teddy texture is one of my faves currently. Something about the mess of soft and furry fabric is so alluring. The texture of these coats are super fun and add a great contrast to any outfit. Plus, you kind of look fabulous.

While my inner Minnesotan-turned-Chicagoan tells me that I should probably just opt for an extra long down coat with a hood, I like some of these options just a little bit more. Shop my outerwear picks and amp up your own winter wardrobe.

x A


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