2015 Gift Guide for the Fashionable Gal


Shopping for gifts for the girls that seem to have it all should probably be an olympic sport. We all have those friends/sisters/mothers/etc. who are so on top of the trends that it seems impossible to buy for them. However, they are worth way more than a gift card or a gift certificate, because let’s be real, that’s a cop out.

I’ve rounded up a few of my top picks that any fashionable girl would love to receive as a gift this holiday season.

There’s a few go-to gifting categories that are pretty much no-fails. First, killer accessories. Fashionable girls love to accessorize (for the most part), so look for cool and classic accessories.

In the up and coming area, skinny scarves, pins (basically I want everything from Pintrill), and bandanas. Handbags and cold-weather accessories are also great choices.

Second, home decor is a pretty good no-fail option for gifting. Look for fun ways that your fashionable gal-pal can spruce up her living space. Faux fur throws, because everyone needs one, and wall art are good options. Embroidery hoops are super cool and Etsy has an extremely large selection of these unique decoration pieces. If you still aren’t sure, candles are always a good go-to and so are fun prints.

In the same realm, coffee table books (or just regular books) are awesome gifts and there’s so many to choose from that are super fun and even decorative.

Check out my collection below to get your brainstorming started and the best of luck to you in shopping for those impossible-to-shop-for girls.

x A




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