2016 Trend Predictions


1. Major Embroidery

Graphics have always been popular in one way or another, but this time around I think they’re going to take shape in the form of embroidery and iron-on patches. This totally plays into the nostalgic, homemade vibe that has sort of been cropping up. I think a huge trend that could be around the corner in this category is denim embroidery. I’m talking a re-up of those jeans your mom made you wear in kindergarten with those flowers embroidered all up and down the leg. The difference between then and now will be the way the embroidery is executed. I’m seeing designs concentrated in smaller areas by the front and back pockets instead of covering large portions of the leg. No matter how you choose to dabble in this, I think it will look super cool and can be done in really chic ways.


2. Baseball Caps

I think we have sorority girls everywhere to credit for this trend. Although instead of sporting greek letters, go for a minimal, blank canvas sort of cap or one that dons the logo of your favorite sports team. I also think there’s huge potential for baseball caps with custom embroidery or fun sayings too, but please, for the love of g-o-d don’t overdo it.


3. Norm-core meets Avant Garde Resurgence

This is one that I’m personally super amped for. If you haven’t been hibernating for the past two years and have at least semi-functioning eyes, you would know that norm-core has been dominating the fashion and street-style scene. This has kind of been starting to piss people off. Norm-core is awesome. It’s simple, easy, and yeah it looks really cool but it kind of overrules the entire fun of putting together a look. Leandra Medine of Man Repeller put out an article that sort of touches on this, and I think what she’s saying is true for a lot of us. I think we’ll start seeing a resurgence of more fun and crazy pieces mixed in with our minimalist wardrobes.


4. 2000’s Looks

We all knew it was coming, we just didn’t expect it to come so soon. We blew through all the decades we could and I think the nineties are standing on their last leg. 2000’s trends are starting to subtly take form, lets just hope they are much more mild than their predecessors. I think that body-con, thin straps, and cropped denim are going to be some of the bigger hits in this category.


5. Berets 

Mon dieu, je suis trés heureux! Berets have been making appearances here and there in the past couple of months and I think they’re about to blow up. I think it was about time we added in another felt variation to the rotation; there’s only so many floppy hats and fedoras a girl can have. I’ll take my beret with a side of macrons a red lip.


I suppose it will only be a matter of time to see if these predictions actually materialize, but I’m putting money on it.

x A

What trends do you think dominate 2016? 

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