What to do on New Years Eve (That Isn’t a Party)


Believe it or not, the final credits of 2015 are about to roll. No matter how your year was, it is about to come to an end and 2016 is right around the corner. I continually find myself, year after year, with no plans for New Years Eve. Maybe it’s because I don’t plan for it or maybe it’s because of my lack of understanding for the holiday. Either way, I’ve had to get creative in the department of last-minute-celebrations and I thought I’d share with you some ideas in case you also have no plans or need reassurance that it’s A-Ok to not celebrate.

1. Movie Night with your crew

This is the classic go-to New Years Eve activity for anyone who’s ever not had a party to go to. One year or another, December 31st has crept up on us and we’ve found ourselves with a lack of plans. Here’s where the movie night comes in. Grab a bowl of chips, a bottle of sparkling apple juice (or the real deal, Brut cousin) and line up a killer queue on Netflix to take you through to 2016 and maybe pause The Breakfast Club to watch the ball drop if that’s your thing.

2. Do Some Winter Activities 

I think this may be on my agenda this year. I kind of feel like NYE is just a dead horse that people keep beating with party horns and confetti poppers. Although fireworks don’t excite me or motivate me to leave a warm building (apparently I’m allergic to joy), I am interested in getting off my butt for the evening. Many skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing places and ice skating rinks/arenas are open with extended hours on NYE. If you get lucky you might be able to find a place that has fireworks and complimentary food and drink to help you ring in the new year as the clock strikes midnight.

3. Pamper Yourself

This is a good option for anyone who wants to spice up a movie night or if you just want to make the evening a little more special. Have a spa party with hors d’oeuvres, a movie or two, maybe even crafts. Go buy yourself a new pair of silk pajamas and slap an activated charcoal mask on your face. You deserve to be pampered and no better way to welcome 2016 than in a state of cucumber melon scented bliss and with a fresh coat of nail polish.

4. Don’t Celebrate

To be honest, this is kind of my favorite option on the list. New Years is a scam and just a commercialization upon peoples’ need for closure and desire for self-improvement. (Again, I’m probably allergic to joy.) But contradictory to my own lack-luster view of NYE celebrations, I am quite fond of resolutions and find there’s actually a really good benefit to them. Anyway, if you don’t have plans for NYE and don’t really care to, ignore the looming pressure that you need to do something. The best way to do this is to avoid social media for the most part and continue on with your life as you normally would. Maybe hit up McDonalds and continue with your most recent Netflix binge.

If I’ve totally disengaged you or scared you with my cynicism regarding the holiday, I encourage you to go to the party. Wear your most sparkly dress and (responsibly) drink too much champagne. NYE should be celebrated in the way that makes you feel content. Remember that life will go on and New Years will come and go fleetingly and that’s alright; you have 364 more days to follow it up.

x A

What are your plans for ringing in and celebrating the New Year? Let me know in the comments! 

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