An Overdue “Hello” and A Playlist

Oh man, what it is to sit down and write a blog post. How long has it been friends? A couple of months? Remember last time we talked when I joked about being gone for three weeks? That seems meek compared to the unexpected hiatus I ended up going on.

Here’s my formal apology: I’m sorry for leaving you in the dust, but I’m not sorry for pursuing my own health, happiness, and work.

School has been crazy busy – apparently that happens. On top of that, being an intern two days a week and working on the weekends doesn’t leave a lot of free time (of which is spent doing laundry and falling into a Netflix-shaped black hole).

I was going to update you on the new things in my life but unfortunately, it’s sort of all just been a jumble of the same busyness that’s kept me occupied for the past few months. Hopefully, although I’m not going to make any promises until I’m out of school in June, I can get back into this blogging groove.

I have found myself struggling, not with writing, but with blogging specifically. In fact, I’ve actually been really creatively inspired, but have found the most difficulty channeling it into this avenue.

With that said, I’ve come to bring you an apology playlist. Unlike my usual playlists which boast even the slightest bit of cohesion, this playlist is pretty much a mystery grab bag. The common theme of these chosen tracks is that they all are about apologizing, or not/me being terrible/my return.

Don’t worry though, I’m already piecing together a more pleasing and cohesive playlist for May. I also hope to bring you guys a few outfit posts soon.

I hope you enjoy listening to these regret-filled songs and you can forgive me soon. If it wins me any brownie points, I almost included “Sorry For Party Rocking” by LMFAO on this playlist but I decided to spare you the pain.

x A


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