Sounds of May


Well hello again! I am here to bless your ears with a wonderful (and cohesive) playlist for May—and I’m early, who would’ve thought that was possible?

While I haven’t gotten around to posting any outfit posts, or any other posts for that matter, I did pour a considerable amount of energy into curating this playlist for you. (When I say I ‘poured energy’ into this, I mean I watched a grotesque amount of Game of Thrones fan videos and did a lot of Spotify stalking, but that takes energy, right?)

No matter how this playlist came to fruition, I think it’s a pretty great one. Not to toot my own horn or anything. Actually, if a future employer, for some inconceivable reason, asked me to describe myself in a playlist, I’d definitely send them this Spotify link.

This playlist encompasses the perfect mixture of electro-pop and shallow indie. (Shallow indie is for sure a genre I just made up, but I stick by it.)

Recently I have really been digging Moon Taxi, because Jupiter Uber (not a real band, but could be) was just too progressive for me. ‘Morocco’ is the perfect driving-with-the-windows-down song and it just makes me feel like summer.

N Y L A by blackbear, while stupid in formatting terms, is a great song if you’re ever feeling a little heartbroken. It feels a little humbling when I listen to it.

Following the mellow heart-wrenching wavelength is ‘Sleep on the Floor’ by The Lumineers, who released a really great album not too long ago. Haim, Andrew Belle, and Wet all deliver the same low emotional dips.

In contrast, Broods, The Wombats, The Temper Trap, and Fleetwood Mac all provide a nice upbeat arc.

Also – everyone should go fall in love with Gallant because the boy is a genius.

Happy listening, friends.

x A


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