Fall 2016 Trends to Try


1. Velvet 


This is a trend that I will happily humblebrag that I was in front of the curve for. Last fall I eagerly purchased a pair of Pepto Bismol-pink crushed velvet ankle booties (say that description five times fast) from ASOS. They were (and still are) the apple of my eye and a true compliment magnet. Everyone that sees them, loves them. That’s just the power of velvet though. Adorning a garment that is equal parts comfortable, fun to touch, and sartorially cool is a very undervalued way to boost your own confidence. This fall, you can find almost anything in velvet, from shoes, to bodysuits, to full matching blazer/trouser combos. I would highly advise getting on this bandwagon.

2. Ballerina-chic




Every season there are one or two trends that have fashionphiles split. This fall, that trend is ballerina-chic. Think everything wrap, bows, tulle, and mesh. Even if you can’t do a pirouette, you can dress the part. There’s something so soft and feminine about this trend and I can’t help but be on board with it. I always did like Black Swan and had a penchant for liking trends I probably shouldn’t. (But if you don’t believe me, tons of celebs are already rocking their ballet best.)

3. Re-done prep 




This is the fall trend that I am undoubtedly the most excited about. I’ve never considered myself to have a preppy style and the closest I’ve come to being preppy would be the menswear inspired button-ups, blazers, and oxfords that I’ve collected. What makes this season’s preppy pieces stand out is that they in fact don’t stand out. All of the bookish, Rory Gilmore’s Chilton uniform-esque characteristics of traditional preppy style have been significantly toned down. Cleaner lines, more classic colors, and more minimal and edgy detailing define this re-done preppy style . Plus pussy bow blouses, which I am all about right now.

4. Custom detailing 



One trend that we are all well aware of right now is that of decorating jackets, accessories, or anything we can get our hands on with pins and patches. I don’t see this trend dying down anytime soon, and in fact I see it picking up speed. Along this line of customizing pieces to your individual liking, I think we are going to start seeing custom embroidery. Embroidered sayings have already been popular on the back of bombers and denim jackets, but think about all of the ways you can customize that. I already have my heart set on a custom monogrammed button-up shirt from Madewell. The options are endless, don’t limit yourself to initials.

That’s my round-up on fall’s hottest trends and I think everyone should dip their toes in the water on these ones.

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What fall trend are you looking forward to trying?

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