A Mini Skirt Affair


I’m not sure if anyone can relate, but dressing comes in waves for me. There are weeks where all I want to wear are pants, followed by an urge to banish pants from my entire wardrobe, and I turn to dresses to let my legs breathe.

One wave that hasn’t made its rounds in a while is that of skirts. I think that the inherent fussiness of wearing a skirt is what turned me off of them for a while. If I’m wearing two pieces, why wouldn’t I wear pants and avoid the entire hassle?

A switch flipped a few weeks ago though. I was shopping around and found myself drawn to mini skirts. There is something so contradictory about a mini skirt. They are sexy, yet still innocent. You feel like a grown ass woman, but also like a giddy school girl.

I’ve sort of made the mental executive decision that this fall is all about mini skirts. In fact I’ve already got my hands on a denim skort from Madewell (and I got it on super sale, so that’s a plus).

Here are some of my top mini skirt picks – and I’m sure you’ll see more of them from me in the coming weeks.




x A

What trend are you excited about this fall? 



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