Sounds of September + Mood Board


Autumn feels so temporary and magical. The feeling of crisp air and sound of muted laughter that is so characteristic of the season is almost as fleeting as the moments themselves. But that’s what is so wonderful about autumn. Everything seems suspended in a sort of perfect, rosy-cheeked limbo.

I was way too eager to create this playlist and the mood board that goes in conjunction with it. September is one of those months that always passes just a little too quickly. Summer comes to a close while the jewel tones of autumn gracefully filter in.

The playlist that I curated for September matches the progression of the month. Instead of putting this baby on shuffle, I suggest listening to it straight through. Beginning with the upbeat jaunts of Young the Giant, Weathers, and Major Lazer, it is just what you need to celebrate the last few tastes of summer.

About halfway through, the vibe shifts a little. While not bringing the pace down too much, it deepens the mood with BØRNS, LANY, and Oh Wonder.

My personal favorite is the closing song by Låpsly – which is the perfect precursor to a playlist I’ll be putting out mid-September. It is one of my all-time favorite playlists and I’m honestly itching to share it.

To truly match the magic of autumn, my September mood is full of confetti stars, filtered light, and a lot of warm unadulterated beauty.

I wish you all the best for this month.

x A

What is your favorite part about fall? 

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