Ways to Refresh + Prepare for a New School Year


1. Pamper yourself 

You know those days when all you want to do is slap on a face mask and put on an episode of whatever show you’re binge-watching (for me, Stranger Things and round two of Teen Wolf)? If you find yourself with a free day, or even just a free evening, pamper yourself. Nothing gives me the confidence to take on the world like post-pamper sesh bliss. Honestly nothing can replace the glow from a brightening sheet mask.

2. Cleanse you life 

Don’t let the subheading scare you away. This isn’t that intimidating – unless you want it to be. Since you’re going into a new school year, or have just started, it is important to sort of clean house – not literally, that comes later. I mean you should mentally and technologically clean house. Unfollow social media accounts that distract you or make you feel discouraged. Maybe delete a social media account (or plural) altogether. Whenever I need to find personal clarity I find that the easiest way to do that is to step away from technology. However, since our phones and laptops are practically appendages attached to our bodies, it does just as well to clear them out. Back up your camera roll and then delete everything from your device. Start with a clean(er) slate. Maybe you can even do this to some things IRL.

3. Start thinking about your goals

Have you read my post about setting goals for the new school year yet? No? Go read it, then come back. This is super important. Don’t just think academically, but think about all of the goals you have for the year, personal, academic, and otherwise. These will keep your head in the right place and are great to check into to keep yourself on track when you’re feeling lost in the middle of the semester.

4. Get your sleep schedule on track 

You know when we were in elementary, and honestly middle and high school, and our parents would tell us to start going to bed early a whole week before school started? Turns out maybe they were onto something. I’m not suggesting you blow off any last hurrahs of summer, but normalizing your sleep schedule can help when you actually have to be up for your 8 a.m. and you don’t want to look like a comatose zombie.

5. Declutter

This is the physical and more literal version of cleaning house from number 2. Go through all of your old school supplies from last year and throw away anything you don’t need. Clean your room and clear out or put away all of your junk. It helps to actually be able to see the top of your desk. Plus, an organized living space can help keep you motivated and organized mentally.

I know we don’t want to say goodbye to summer, but since we all know the end is near, it is nice to refresh, mentally and physically.

x A

What is your favorite way to refresh and recharge? 


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