#OOTD: La Vie en (Dusty) Rose


You know those days where you put on your tightest jeans and your body almost physically rejects them? That’s me and these jeans. After a weekend of terrible food decisions followed by food regret, I somehow still talked myself into putting these jeans on my body and guess what, it was a power struggle all afternoon.

While I love these jeans with my entire heart and soul, that doesn’t mean we get along all the time. Not to mention, it was slightly warmer than I expected it to be outside this weekend, so by the time I returned to my apartment I had to actually peel these jeans off of me.

I paired these denim duds with this dusty rose blouse that I’ve had in my closet for literally like, five years. However, I just rediscovered it so here we are. Honestly though, rediscovering old pieces is one of life’s petty joys.

To complement the frayed hem on these jeans, I went for my western mules, which yeah, are knock-off Kate Bosworth Matisse mules, but hey, I’m on a budget.

Finally, I grabbed my backpack and my specs, since I ended up posting up in Millennium Park for a study-sesh.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors, fashion and otherwise, this week. Vibe on.

x A

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