Sounds of October + Mood Board


Hello friends! Welcome to the spoopiest (spookiest + creepiest) month of the year. If you aren’t ready for some tricks, I hope you’re at least ready for some treats, because oh boy do I have some for you!

I neglected to bring you an outfit post on Monday, but my WiFi was out, so sue me. Hopefully I can get you one sometime this week, otherwise expect one next Monday! I think this playlist and mood board combo acts as a great precursor of the sorts of things to expect this month – including a post that gets real personal. For now, this will have to satiate your ever-so-anticipating souls.

This month I’m feeling everything that has a slight edge to it. This playlist is a bit more rough around the edges and following suit, my mood board is a bit more raw and carries a slight sentiment of rebelliousness.


Lately I’ve been in this weird funk that I’ve been trying to break out of and I think that this month may provide the perfect opportunity to do that, of course with an IDGAF attitude in tow.

This playlist is sort of a jumble of a lot of things, but I think that you’ll sort of understand where I was going with this. Starting with a rock edge and pulling you through with an electronic undertone, this playlist totally symbolizes how I’m feeling this month.

All of my favorite bands have been releasing awesome new music lately so you’ll see a lot of familiar names like Two Door Cinema Club, The Temper Trap, and Young the Giant.

I can’t really put this playlist into words, so I suggest you just listen to it and understand its greatness.

Have a wonderful and spoopy October!

x A

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