Summer 2020 Trend Watch

Layered Gold Pendants 


I think we have Mejuri to thank for this trend that just won’t die! You know, that brand on Instagram that you literally cannot escape no matter how hard you try. It seems like everyone and their sister is a Mejuri brand partner. However, the layered gold necklace look does a great job at classing up any look, even a basic sweatshirt and leggings ensemble looks put-together when you slap on a chain or two. 

Return of the Bermuda 


Honestly, I never thought this day would return, but alas here we are. Gauchos came back as culottes which evolved into wide-leg cropped pants, early 2000’s sunglasses are back round, and lettuce-edge everything tagged along too so why not bring the Bermudas! The last time we had this trend, I proudly (and now shamefully) partook in the purchased-from-Abercrombie-in-a-plaid iteration. But this time around, it’s more of a chill, lightly distressed denim cutoff version. To be blunt though, Bermudas aren’t the worst thing to happen to us, at least we don’t have to worry about summer chafing. 

Retro Sunnies 


This trend has been circling back for a few summers and I don’t hate it. I’d like to think it started a few years ago when those thick-rimmed white Kurt Cobain-inspired sunglasses hit the scene again. Since then, there’s been an influx of different styles. From lenses that can’t be thin enough, to frames that can’t be bold enough, to cat-eyes that can’t be pointy enough! My personal favorite is the thick-framed rectangular styles or ones with an angular but subtle cat-eye. This summer, maybe even throw a chain around ‘em for extra security and style. 

Princess Diana 


Basically, if Lady Di wore it, we love it and we’re wearing it this summer. Bike shorts, mid-calf socks, and oversized tees or sweatshirts? Yes, please! If you haven’t already stumbled across the Instagram page @ladydirevengelooks, it serves as a great spot to pick up some lounge-around-the-house-but-maybe-run-to-target casual outfit inspiration. 

BONUS ROUND (If I could go out in public) 

Puff Sleeves

If I were able to leave my house, I would absolutely be rocking this trend, or at least trying to. Puff up those sleeves, please! Unlike many of the other trends on this list, which can lean on the more masculine end of the spectrum or in the androgynous area, puff sleeves are inherently super feminine and usually not my thing, but there are so many different varieties out there now. Many in the mesh, organza, and chiffon family, which embodies a level of whimsy I just can’t get enough of. 

Silk Hair Scarves

Don’t have a vintage convertible to cruise around town in? No yacht to spend your days basking on? That’s ok, me neither. But we all can still have an air of luxury by wrapping our pretty little heads in a printed silk scarf. I think I’ll pair mine with a low ponytail, retro sunnies, and a bold lip. Perfect for a picnic in the park.

Mini Bags 

What’s the purpose? Nobody really knows. But need a place to stash only your lipgloss? Only our house keys? Maybe some coins if you’re lucky? Well, a mini-bag is the bag for you! Almost useless, but damn cute! 

The Matching Knitwear Set 

Another trend that’s been lurking for a while is the matching two-piece set. I think it’s really started to see its head, thanks to quarantine. People are looking for comfy but cute staples and there’s nothing more comfy, cute, and easy than an already put-together outfit, specifically in the knitwear variety. 

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