Discounted Goods

Discounted Goods 
bang for your buck 
In about seven short weeks I will be making the transition from living at home to becoming a full-time college student. Aside from the immense amount of excitement that brings me, it also brings me tremendous amounts of anxiety. The number one cause for concern in my case is in regard to my wardrobe. I have more clothes than I need, and I also continue buying clothes at an exponential rate. I am clearly a shopaholic, but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing, at least not all the time. One of my biggest concerns is how I will keep up with my shopping habits while I am at school studying. I will have to rely on money I have saved for at least the first semester, since I don’t plan on looking for a job until second semester. Unfortunately, the money I have saved doesn’t all get to go towards building my closet, it also has to apply towards food, excursions, and other things here and there. With this daunting issue, I have decided to compile a list of places that offer discounts to college students – and sometimes even high school students! Most of these offers require a student ID card or your university affiliated student email address. Even though some of these discounts may not seem like much, remember that pennies saved can add up to larger amounts in the long run depending on your spending habits. Of course it is good to try and cut back and set up a budget, but this list is meant to give you that extra discount when you just can’t resist the cute shirt from ASOS. There are many lists like this out there on the internet that you can find, but here are some of my suggestions: 
 Urban Outfitters 
Every once in a while Urban Outfitters will have a sale where bringing your college ID to the store will get you a certain percentage off your purchase. Usually the student ID can be from any time so that includes graduates and current students! Make sure to watch for those sales!

Necessary Clothing
Necessary Clothing typically offers 20% off of any online purchase of $100 to students. This is nice if you are planning on splurging a little. Necessary Clothing has pretty inexpensive, but still trendy, items so you can usually get quite a few things for $100. 
Showing your student ID at any J.Crew store will get you 15% off of full priced items. This deal is great for whenever you need some nicer looking clothes and more classic pieces. J.Crew can be kind of expensive but they usually have good sales, so adding in your student discount could save you major cash. 
Madewell is owned by the same company as J.Crew, so you also get 15% off here when you present your student ID. Madewell is one of my favorite stores, and usually it breaks the bank so this discount could come in super handy! 
  Corepower Yoga
I’ve been a member at Corepower Yoga for about four years now and it has been one of the best things in my life. A Corepower membership comes at a pretty steep price, but if you are really down for downward facing dog, they offer a good deal for students. It definitely isn’t cheap but if you are looking for an alternative exercise option, I would wholeheartedly recommend Corepower. 
  AMC Theaters
Students get a special rate on Thursdays at AMC Theaters. You get a cheaper admission, so if you don’t have any Friday classes or you just feel like taking in a movie, Thursday is the day to go! 
For any people who are going to college away from home, traveling by train may be an option. When you sign up for a Student Advantage Card, you get 15% off of fares and you also get discounts at other affiliated companies. 
  Steve Madden
For any shoe lovers out there, when you present your student ID in any Steve Madden store you can get 10% off of your purchase. 
Students who use can get up to 10% off of their purchase, so before you go crazy on items in the store, look online and see if you can get a better deal! 
Obviously the list continues, but for the most part, all of these places offer some pretty great deals on a variety of things! Many places you go offer student discounts but don’t advertise it so make sure that wherever you go you always ask if they offer anything special for students, chances are you will save yourself some money!

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