Look For Less: Alexa Chung

Look For Less: Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung: model, british fashion icon, author, and television personality. Alexa Chung has always been on my radar. She has a really cool, relaxed style mixed with an edgy and girly twist. Chung is practically the inventor of the tomboy style for women. She wears boxier shapes and is never afraid of menswear. You can often find her in a blazer, a pair of oxfords, and a pair of jeans. Recently, Chung was spotted at a festival in this fashion-forward, but still simple, outfit. Chung is wearing a pair of medium wash, high waisted denim shorts, paired with a striped shirt, leather jacket, and thigh high socks. You can find black thigh high socks just about anywhere, but the pair I found is from boohoo.com and are only $10. Like the socks, it isn’t hard to find a pair of denim shorts (I bet you already have some), but this affordable pair is from chicnova.com. A black and white striped shirt, like this one from American Eagle is pretty easy to find as well. Chung tends to use basic pieces to make a more fashionable look, so it makes it easy to recreate. The straw fedora is from shopakira.com and the affordable black crossbody is from Forever 21. Lastly, the two most expensive items of the look; the jacket and the boots. In the United Kingdom, it is pretty common to see almost everyone at a festival donning the wellies. Although Chung isn’t wearing Hunter Wellington’s, they are a close comparison and a good investment. Of course, you could pair different black boots or a cheaper dupe for the wellies as well. The faux leather jacket from Topshop is quite pricey but is good quality and is a good match for the one Chung is sporting, however jackets are pretty optional most of the time. I will never get over Alexa Chung’s impeccable style and simplicity, rock on!
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