It’s All Black & White

It’s All Black & White 

Black and white are the staples of every wardrobe in my opinion. If I were to estimate how much of my wardrobe was consumed by black and white, I would guess it is around 80%. I love how simple and clean black and white are. Wearing an all black outfit or an all white outfit is instantly fashion-forward, but you can mix and match as well. The versatility with black and white solids and patterns is fundamentally limitless. I love how black and white patterned pieces are still considered to be neutrals even when they have intricate designs. It is so easy to style black and white because almost everything matches; for example you can add different textures and colors to add accents. Black and white clothing can be used as a basic platform which you can build upon with accessories or it can be worn by itself to showcase an effortlessly beautiful and simple look. I used to think that I had an addiction to black clothing and that I should broaden my horizons, but I finally accepted that black and white clothing is a lifestyle, not just fashion.
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