Open Ears: Drowners

Open Ears: Drowners
an artist-to-watch review
Welsh is all the rage… right? Well it is now. Drowners is a Welsh-American indie rock band that formed in 2011 when front-man Matthew Hitt moved to New York to pursue a modelling career. Hitt, now a close friend of superhuman Alexa Chung (of course), found himself often jamming on his guitar and writing songs. He recruited three local musicians to join him and they began rehearsing and recording songs, they put out their first EP titled “Between Us Girls” in February of 2013. In 2014 the band traveled to London to promote their self titled album. They have since then been support acts for bands like Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, Foals, and The Vaccines. 
Drowners is known for keeping their songs short; most times less than three minutes, and sometimes even under two. They absolutely capture your attention with guitar hooks and humorous lyrics and with a Welsh bred front-man, the authenticity of many Brit pop culture references make their lyrics fun and quote worthy. While Hitt brings the European flare to the group, the stateside trio still come through with catchy sounds that sample from groups like The Strokes and The Smiths.
If you feel like you have just about worn down your indie-rock repertoire, add Drowners to the collection and give them a listen. It takes only twenty nine minutes to listen to their album the full way through. 
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