Look For Less: Nicole Richie

Look For Less: Nicole Richie
ultimate girl crush

Nicole Richie went from Simple Life party girl, BFF of Paris Hilton, to a purple-haired fashion mogul with her own “reality” show. Nicole Richie is one of my all-time biggest girl crushes, because she always looks so flawless. Her new show, Candidly Nicole, started as a web series that soon gained the attention of many people online. Her show is now being aired on VH1 and is more sitcom than reality show. Nicole uses her show to tackle topics like being a big sister (to half-sister Sofia), online dating (for a friend), being short, and many others. It seems that Nicole Richie can do it all, from being a mom, wife, big sister, reality star, and fashion icon.

This is one of my favorite outfits that Nicole Richie has been seen in recently. This outfit is so simple and easy to recreate. This is the perfect outfit for being out and about running errands or even just lounging around at home. She is wearing slim-fit, light-wash boyfriend jeans along with a plain white tank. I found a pair of jeans quite similar to the ones she is wearing at Newlook.com for only $17. Of course you can pair this with a simple white tank like this one from Target for only $10, or you can opt for a different top of your choice. She is also wearing simple black sandals, similar to these ones from Asos.com for only $42. For accessories she is wearing a thin black belt with gold accents and a pair of over sized black sunglasses. I found this belt for $35 from Mango, which is a pretty good dupe to the one that Nicole is wearing. Lastly, these large black sunglasses can be found at Target for only $17.

I hope this post made you as obsessed with Nicole Richie as I am, because seriously, look how perfect she is! In case you aren’t fully persuaded, here’s some gifs from her show Candidly Nicole:

Point proven. 
x A 

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