Model Crush: Joanna Halpin

Model Crush: Joanna Halpin
the up and coming
For the last two years or so, Cara Delevingne has been the talk of the town. She is the face of Burberry, has her own Mulberry line, the face of Topshop, is best buds with all the A-listers, and even is cast as Margo in the movie for Paper Towns by John Green. It seems that Cara Delevingne has taken the world by storm. While all eyes have been on her, a few other models have been making their debut. My personal new favorite is Joanna Halpin, who arguably somewhat resembles Delevingne, but is stunning in so many ways. Halpin isn’t necessarily new to the modeling game, but lately she has been everywhere. She is all over Urban Outfitters and ASOS, and you have more than likely seen her photo on Tumblr. Her blonde locks, with grown out roots, are to die for; talk about a no-hassle hairdo. On top of that, she has killer brows with mesmerizing blue eyes and remarkably plump lips. Basically what I’m saying is, I either want to date her or be her. She is adorable, and my newest model crush (along with Chelsea Schuchman, ugh). 

Check out this beauty:

God, I want to be her. 

x A

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