Company Crush: UNIF

Company Crush: UNIF
for the baddest of badasses
One brand that has been making itself prominent lately is UNIF. UNIF is known for making some interesting graphic shirts and muscle-tees. Many of these tees flaunt dark or controversial messages. As in popular culture lately, its all about wearing black and acting like you don’t give a damn. These brand has that notion down to a T (get it…tee). Although these shirts typically run for anything between $60-$80, they are pretty popular, unique, and some celebrities have even been seen wearing these popular shirts. UNIF does have other clothing, however their most notable are definitely their shirts. Other items they carry include phone cases, accessories, shoes, and some pretty cool jackets. 

If you can’t bring yourself to shell out the money for UNIF, don’t fret, Bad Acid is a brand that has similar style. I am obsessed with both of these brands, and unfortunately my bank account won’t allow me to acquire all of their merchandise, so I am stuck having to admire through a computer screen. I highly recommend taking a look at what they have to offer, and even if it doesn’t fit your personal style, their cool tees might make you chuckle at the very least. 



What do you think about these two brands? 
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