Farewell Summer: A Playlist


Cheers everyone. Sorry I went a little MIA this month. I never intended to abandon you, but August proved to be just as hectic as I thought it would be. Just today I moved back down to Chicago and classes will be starting soon, so hopefully my schedule will be more structured and I will have more time (and motivation) to crank out some quality content for you all.

In the spirit of summer coming to an end, I compiled a modest playlist for you filled with songs that are just as emo as the warm weather fading away. This playlist only has 25 songs but I think they are all great songs to listen to while you lay on your bedroom floor thinking about how quickly the summer passed.

I’ve included some newer music and artists because there has been a lot of great music coming out lately. Notably, Halsey dropped her super-hyped album ‘Badlands’ and it truly does not disappoint. On top of that, I included some music from The Neighbourhood (always a good one for feeling emo), Arctic Monkeys, James Bay, Transviolet, Lana Del Rey, and some other randoms thrown in there.

I’ve really been into switching up my music lately so I’ve been discovering new artists and songs to share with you all.

I don’t know how this summer managed to pass by so quickly, but I’m sure summer 2016 will roll around faster than we anticipate. I hope this playlist is a great soundtrack for the final days of summer.

Listen on, kids.

x A

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