Bralettes: A Love Story


This might be TMI, but I feel like we’re on that level where I can say TMI things and it isn’t that big of a deal. Honestly, bralettes are the true work of god. Ever since the “Free the Nipple” campaign came around, it has grown more and more acceptable to go bra-less or even pseudo bra-less.

This isn’t a post that is hating on real bras, because I love real bras just as much. Nothing boosts your self image like a good push up bra, right ladies? But as much as you love your supportive, structured “real” bras, they are still kind of a pain in the side…literally.

A few years ago I bought my first bralettes from Aerie, a brand that I am still loyal to for bralettes. The day that I put on a bralette was the day my life changed (for the better). At first, wearing a bralette was a little weird because its much more exposing than I was used to.

Now, I am a ride or die bralette wearer and don’t care who knows it. They are comfortable and CUTE. Bras can only get so creative but the designs and styles of bralettes seem to be infinite.

Here are some of my top picks for bralettes including some that I own and ones on my wishlist:


Above: Aerie Lace Wraparound Bralette ($26.95)


Above: Calvin Klein Dual Tone Triangle Bra ($40)


Above: Lavish Alice Lace Trim Strap Detail Bralette ($51)


Above: Eyelash Lace Underwire Bra ($38)


Above: Jersey T-Bar Triangle Bra ($18)


Above: StyleStalker Safia Lace Bralette ($75)

I know one of those had an underwire so it’s a bra/bralette hybrid, but whatever. As you can see, bralettes are magical, beautiful creations and ones that won’t betray you by plaguing you with discomfort. While they can sometimes require a splurge, they are definitely worth trying.

x A

What is your favorite bralette/bra alternative? 


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