How to Tastefully Rock ’90s Trends

How to Tastefully Rock '90s Trends

Nobody is a stranger to recycled trends. They come and they go, and currently I’m basking myself in the corduroy glory of the seventies but another decade is stepping into the spotlight. For a while, the nineties trends were more low-street and not really making its way into higher fashion channels. Teens were reclaiming tattoo chokers and mom jeans, but I think the revival of nineties has finally started breaking into other demographics and can be done in a more tasteful, toned down way.

Refinery29 recently posted an article about frosted lips, which was huge in the n  ineties. Honestly, I’m fully standing behind frosted lips because it’s about time that makeup saw a new trend. The major difference between now and your young punk nineties self is that now you can incorporate these trends subtly and more easily.

That’s why I have compiled a list of nineties trends the should all try and love and how we can test the waters before diving in.

1. Frosted Lips

frosted lipsfrostedlip3frostedlip2

Above: Nyx, Bite Cosmetics

Funny enough, my friends and I were discussing the nineties the other day and we talked about how crazy frosted lips were and a few days after, Refinery29 publishes an article about it! The key to doing a frosted lip in 2015 is to make it subtle and glowy. Instead of trying to achieve some crazy magical forest pixie look, go for a nude or pink-ish iridescent lipgloss or lipstick instead.

2. Mom Jeans 

momjeans                                   momjean2 momjeans2

Left to right: Urban Outfitters, Topshop

We all know mom jeans are back, I think Kendall Jenner and all of her friends made that quite clear. However, there is a thin line you toe when you decide to wear mom jeans. You majorly risk making your butt look terrible and you also could look frumpy. The key to finding a great pair of mom jeans is to look for them at mainstream stores like Topshop or Urban Outfitters. If you try to go for a true vintage pair of mom jeans, you are potentially making a mistake. My other tip to you is to ALWAYS try them on. As a ride or die rule, always try on your jeans – whether they are mom jeans or not. Jeans are like fingerprints, virtually one in a million.

3. Chokers 

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.24.38 PM

Above: Forever 21

Let’s be honest, I’m not really talking about tattoo chokers. When I saw those coming back, I was a little conflicted. With every trend, there are people who can totally make this work for them, but not everyone can incorporate a stretchy, black tattoo choker into their wardrobe. Instead, look for chokers that are made of metal. Look for collar style necklaces instead of “chokers” per se. Necklaces that sit close to the neck can be worn tastefully and make a statement.

4. Normcore 


Left to right: J.Crew, Lucky Brand Jeans 

I really don’t even know if this would be considered a nineties trend, but I’m sort of allocating this trend to that decade. The nineties saw a lot of flannels, band tees, and doc martens. All of which, I love and incorporate into my own wardrobe. There is totally a place in your wardrobe for fun, normcore items like these. One of my favorite way to style plain tees or band/graphic tees is to pair it with a blazer or structured jacket and a pair of nice pants or jeans (sans-holes since holes kind of add more grunge to the look). Flannel is another great item to incorporate into your wardrobe. Try buttoning up the flannel all the way and adding a necklace under the collar. I love pairing flannels with skirts or even layering over dresses like so. Normcore fashion is one of the trends that requires a lot of creativity to do tastefully, but when it’s done I think it looks impeccable.

5. Scrunchies

scrunchie scrunchie2

Above: American Apparel

Wow, I’ve been a scrunchie advocate for about two and a half years now and my life has improved for the better. Remember those hair ties that were like little ribbons that didn’t really hold your hair but they promised not to damage it? Well scrunchies are like that but way better and they actually hold your hair. American Apparel sells scrunchies in just about every color and pattern imaginable so please, for the love of god, go get some.

This post felt a little all over the place but the nineties were also kind of all over the place. Nineties trends are kind of intimidating and a bit harder to work into a classic wardrobe than other decades, but when you are able to utilize trends subtly, you can create super unique and cool looks.

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What’s your favorite nineties trend to rock? 


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