Sounds of September


Before you fight me, I know that this playlist is extremely late. I spent a majority of my September wrapped up in other things and building a playlist was kind of low on the priority list honestly. As far as listening goes for September, I sort of entered the stage where I was just listening to albums on repeat. With a combination of things holding me back, it became increasingly difficult to build a playlist.

That being said, it’s here. This is what I could come up with. A lot of this is just pop anthems like Roman Holiday by Halsey or The Emotion by BØRNS mixed with low-key fuzzy sweater vibes. Fuzzy sweater isn’t really a genre but I think it should be because I’m pretty sure we all know what I’m talking about when I say that. Fuzzy sweater ranges from Alt-j to Lorde to Marika Hackman.

Basically this playlist is a hot mess but I don’t care. Also, I included Justin Bieber because to be honest, I’m kind of supporting his comeback. I mean seriously…What Do You Mean is good.

Anyway, have a listen and enjoy the small remainder of this month. I do promise you that next month’s playlist will blow this month’s out of the water. I am definitely in the mood to curate a quality playlist, unlike how I felt for the past three weeks.

x A

What have you been listening to lately? 

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