One-piece Wonders

Remember that post I made a few months ago about how sexy turtlenecks are? Well this is the summer equivalent.

The one piece is to summer as the turtleneck is to winter, and that is, sexy as hell.

For some reason that I cannot explain, one pieces have a certain appeal to them that make them even sexier than bikinis. Maybe it’s because you’re not outright flaunting everything you’ve got or maybe it’s just because we get a little boost of confidence when we aren’t so self conscious about everything being out for the world to see.

Last summer, one pieces were a hot ticket item and this summer they are only getting hotter. Most retailers have caught on by now, so if you’re searching for your dream one piece, I’m sure you can find it.

There’s ones with cut-outs, some with low backs, and even some with high-cut Baywatch-esque  silhouettes.

Whatever your one piece prerogative is, rock it and know that even if you don’t have washboard abs or aren’t wearing a bikini, you’re just as sexy as everyone else at the beach!

Here are some of my favorite one piece picks for this summer: 

<br />

<br /></div>

x A

What’s your favorite one piece this year? 

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